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The HighQuest


HighQuest offers specialization and a long track record in global food and agribusiness strategy consulting and market research.

We bring a level of depth and rigor that is unique amongst food and agribusiness specialists, especially in relation to delivering insights around supply chain economics and winning
business models.

  • One-sector focus: Unlike most firms with multiple practice areas, HighQuest is a specialist in Food & Agribusiness

  • Experienced team: instead of being “Strategy” generalists, our Principals bring unique insight gained from decades of experience in Strategic, Financial, M&A, Trading, and Research roles in the Industry

  • We build an A-team for every engagement; our network includes 60+ subject matter experts located across the globe

Track Record
  • 350+ engagements: with some of the largest, most prestigious corporations and financial investors worldwide

  • Across the Supply Chain: Ag Chemicals, Fertilizers, Seeds, Machinery, Farming, Storage, Transportation/Logistics, Manufacturing, and Distribution/Retail

  • Across key sub-sectors / value chain segments: Grains & Oilseeds, Vegetable oils, Bioenergy/Biofuels, Dairy, Livestock, Fruits & Vegetables, Sugars & Sweeteners

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