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Network of
Industry Experts

HighQuest collaborates regularly with a global network of seasoned industry experts and former senior executives with practical management and line experience in the food and agricultural value chain. HighQuest has assembled this network of food and agribusiness industry experts as the result of years of collaboration on client engagements as well as organization of leading industry events such as the Global AgInvesting conference series which was founded by HighQuest advisors.


This network enables HighQuest to assemble teams comprised of industry experts and veterans who provide keen insights and problem solving specifically tailored for clients on issues which require subject matter expertise.  Many of these experts have collaborated repeatedly on projects with HighQuest over the years.

Areas of expertise covered by these individuals include but are not limited to:


  • Risk management and commodity trading;

  • Transportation and logistics management;

  • Technical analysis of processing facilities;

  • Row crop and specialty crop production and value-added processing;

  • Animal protein production (dairy, beef, swine and poultry);

  • Animal nutrition, feed inputs and compound feed production;

  • Aquaculture (inputs and production);

  • Crop input and services production and distribution;

  • Row crop, specialty crop and permanent crop production;

  • Operating expertise in different regions (North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia);

  • Irrigation;

  • Organic production (feed ingredients and end-products – crops and animal protein);

  • Investment analysis;

  • Fund raising and

  • Technology assessment of early stage ag tech.

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