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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We offer strategy, advisory, and consulting services to food and agribusiness clients in three critical areas on a global basis.

Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Conduct market research in food and agribusiness

  • Assessment of market attractiveness & commercial feasibility

  • Evaluation of technical feasibility

  • Rigorous competitive assessment

  • Develop recommendations for actionable strategies and winning business models

  • Supply chain & origination analysis (transportation matrix analysis) for all commodities and value-added products

  • Development of growth & market entry strategies


For strategic and financial investors seeking to expand their revenue basis or invest in food and agribusiness companies, we provide timely and actionable advice on the challenges and risks that these opportunities offer.

  • Investment theses: development and/or validation

  • Deal-flow: target identification, profiling, and engagement

  • Due diligence: commercial, operational, and technical

  • Stress testing of operating and financial assumptions supporting valuation models

Innovation and New Business Development Opportunities

We assist food and agribusiness clients to evaluate wealth creation opportunities for our clients, addressing opportunities and challenges arising from:

  • Big data applications

  • Adoption of precision agriculture

  • Disruption caused by Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Climate change pressures

  • Shifts in consumer preferences (increased demand for organic and sustainably-produced products)

  • Pressure to integrate sustainability and ESG(Environmental/Social/Governance) commitment goals in food and commodity supply chains


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